Our Clients

Providing  full suite comms support to blockchain start-up

In 2019 our fintech team was asked to provide PR and social media support to Australian blockchain start-up Identitii to maximise its attendance around key European events.

Our mission was to help raise the company’s profile in the lead-up to a big sales and marketing push into Europe. This included maximising its attendance at EBAday and Sibos, key financial services events that are a huge marketing investment for any firm.

Clare Rhodes, Chief Marketing Officer, Identitii: “Going into this project we were hoping to increase awareness of our brand in Europe and North America, and to elevate our presence at events above what we could achieve just by attending. Having worked with The Comms Crowd previously, we knew this was comfort zone stuff for them and they were a natural choice to help us achieve these goals.”

Identitii uses blockchain and TokenIDs to create an inter-connected ecosystem for payments information. This means Identitii connects banks, businesses and regulators with the data they need to process, reconcile and report on payments, improve reporting and reduce last mile hold-ups.

How to make an event work as hard as you do

To maximise the firms attendance we supported Identitii in three ways: created sales collateral specific to the delegate audience; set up briefings with key journalists both before the event and on site; and supported the company’s social media efforts before, during and after the event.

We worked closely with Identitii’s CMO and in just six months we:

  • Drafted text for brochures covering the full product suite
  • Distributed four press releases to a wide range of trade and business media
  • Secured 15 comment opportunities
  • Set up eight onsite briefings with key press at Sibos, including Australian Financial Review, Thomson Reuters, Asian Banker, The Banker, Corporate Treasurer, Electronic Payments International, Treasury Today and Global Finance
  • Achieved a stand-alone feature in the Australian Financial Review following the event, a great win for the company both in Australia and internationally
  • Achieved strong Sibos feature coverage, including pieces in Treasury Today, The Paypersand Club Sibos
  • Obtained 61 pieces of coverage during the six month campaign, with 353 million in online readership, 636,000 estimated coverage views and 387 social shares
  • In six months we increased LinkedIn followers by almost 20% and Twitter followers by almost 25%, with total reach across social channels growing by 63%. The Identitii Twitter handle now includes some of the top fintech influencers and the company also has an increased engagement rate on LinkedIn.
“The Comms Crowd team has extensive experience, expertise and contacts in the fintech space. They hit the ground running, helping to increase our visibility among influencers while ensuring our key messages were getting through at every opportunity. Thanks to the Comms Crowd, our social media activity and visibility has been consistent and structured, with a steady increase in engagement over the last few months, while their storytelling ability helped pull together the collateral we needed. This was an extremely important project for us and the team did a fantastic job in ensuring we really saw the ROI from our marketing investment. A huge thank you to the whole team for their support and dedication in helping us achieve our goals.” Clare Rhodes, Chief Marketing Officer, Identitii

Overall, we helped increase digital engagement with the Identitii brand, created valuable sales enablement tools and helped Identitii drive more traffic to stand on the day and its website for the following month.