Developing a strong social media voice for wealthtech leader

Wealthtech provider Finantix logo

Before engaging The Comms Crowd, wealthtech provider Finantix lacked resources to focus on social media. The LinkedIn corporate account was used sporadically, only for its own announcements, with a lack of consistency around topic and tone of voice.

When the new CMO joined Finantix in early 2019 we worked together to develop a strategic approach to the channel. We considered: frequency and types of posts, consistency of voice, and range of content covering the full wealthtech spectrum.

The brief

Our brief was to develop a clear and consistent Finantix social media voice, with specific focus on reinvigorating its LinkedIn presence. The constantly evolving world of social media algorithms means that we always keep one eye out for the best ways to optimise content, so making sure we were fully armed with the most up to date knowledge, we got to work.

We began by developing a pipeline of strong wealthtech content, combining industry news, with Finantix news and insights to engage with its target audience:­ C-level executives at private banks, senior wealth managers, advisers and professionals.

What we did

To build a strategic plan where everyone was on the same page our Fintech team’s first step was to create ‘posting guidelines’ outlining suitable content, tone of voice, and writing style. This ensured that the company spoke through one voice, no matter who posted. We shared responsibility with Finantix team members when identifying content, while The Comms Crowd drafted original posts and edited Finantix content where necessary.

We began with just three post a week, but soon ramped up to posting at least once a day. Externally, we monitored the most prestigious and credible industry publications and highlighted articles and reports that were most pertinent to Finantix’s audience, including the Friday podcast post which was particularly helpful in establishing some stickiness to the feed. Internally, we mined the most valuable nuggets of information from Finantix publications, news, industry accolades/award wins, and events.

Curating content, the right mix of promotional posts with more outward-facing topics plus posting at the optimal frequency soon proved to be the winning formula for Finantix.

The results

Our approach delivered some impressive results:

  • In our first year LinkedIn followers went up by over 60% from 4,000 to 6,500
  • In our second year LinkedIn followers went up over 50% to 10,000

During these two years, we continuously monitored social media best practice, introduced new ways to increase follower growth and engagement, and kept the content pipeline fresh, topical and varied.

“The Comms Crowd really helped us step up when it came to social media. With their support we soon how LinkedIn can deliver real value how it needs to be manged carefully and consistently. As our social media strategy developed and the quality and quantity of posting grew, we reaped the benefits, so that today we have over 10,000 followers on LinkedIn. Without The Comms Crowd’s support both on the strategic and the very practical side of creating posts,we would probably not have reached this milestone.” Chief Marketing Officer, Finantix.

FInantix went on to be acquired by InvestCloud.