Our Clients

Providing Flexible PR, Content, AR and Social Media Services

We have been working with Xceptor, the no code software platform for data automation since 2018. This account initially started out as a PR retainer but over the years has evolved in line with the firm’s evolution from a fast growing scale-up to established and respected player in the data automation space for the BFSI industry.

We have delivered a range of services over these years from PR, AR, social media, content writing to podcast support depending on the company’s marketing objectives. The Comms Crowd also introduced Xceptor to one of our industry partners who trained Xceptor to produce podcasts inhouse and we also sourced well known industry guest speakers for the podcast and wrote up blogs summarising the discussions as well as social posts on the episodes and content.

Rebecca Dicker, Senior Marketing Manager, Xceptor:
“We have worked with The Comms Crowd for a number of years now and the reason for this is the level of flexibility they can provide and they know our business and the BFSI industry so well. We can rely on them to not only be supportive and reactive to our needs but also to bring industry insight and ideas to the table, keeping the marketing engine running at maximum output.”