Graphic design lead

Stella McMahonStella McMahon Graphic design lead

Stella leads our design orientated projects. Steeped in the world of B2B tech, she brings 30 years’ experience to the role.

At The Crowd, Stella is responsible for the visual branding for all our clients. Having worked across the full spectrum of tech and fintech solutions, she knows to listen to our clients’ objectives as much as to the creative brief.

“In B2B, you need to avoid the image clichés and work that bit harder to be authentic to the brand, Done well, appropriate design illustrates the client narrative and helps them connect  to their particular audience.”

Stella launched her design career as a multi-disciplinary graphic designer working for several creative agencies before taking on a role at the COI. Here she worked on public information campaigns for government agencies including The Royal Navy, MI5, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Health and Downing Street. Then she moved agency side to join Metia for a further 12 years. As design team lead, she worked collaboratively with marketing, PR and editorial teams on Microsoft, HP and Reuters accounts among others, delivering successful concepts for branding, marketing campaigns, events, digital assets and printed collateral.

Stella set up her independent design business in 2010, joining The Crowd in 2015. Some might call it a busman’s holiday but in her spare time you can find her building up her photography portfolio or loitering in art galleries in cities across Europe.

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