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Charity begins at home they say, while few would argue career security begins with an education. But in our humble opinion, access to a great education in the UK is sadly not just about how hard you try but also dependent on your postcode and your wallet.

So we are delighted to be supporting The Tutors Trust, an education charity based in the north of England. The charity works with 128 primary schools and 107 secondary schools in the region providing individual and small group tuition to children in Maths English and Science. Each year making a meaningful difference to thousands of young lives helping to close the attainment gap.

The account is run by Sam on strategy, Chanda on PR, Anthony on content and Elliot on social media.

Our donations

We’re very lucky to have established careers that afford us and our beloveds all the security and comfort we could want. Each year we donate around 1% of our profits donations to our favourite charities.

Charities we have supported over the years include: Battersea Dogs & Cats HomeCentrepoint, Dogs Trust, IFAWShelterStreet Paws and The Trussell Trust.

Our time

When you work for yourself you can choose how you spend your time. So it seems only right to spend a bit of it helping others. Here are some causes close to our hearts.rts:

Supporting young people in education

our causes: ElliElliot Howard, office junior

While still in the sixth form Elliot became a volunteer tutor with TeamUp, a programme that provides extra tuition to disadvantaged pupils. He enjoyed his work at a primary school in Hackney so much that a year later he spent a month in Tanzania as a volunteer teaching English to an energetic class of five to seven year olds.

He also volunteered with Shelter from the Storm, a London charity that provides free emergency night shelter, dinner and breakfast for homeless people every night of the year.

In 2020 he earned a spot on a ten week international volunteer placement with Restless Development, an agency placing young people at the forefront of charitable development in Africa and Asia. Assigned to Nepal, Elliot would have worked in rural communities raising awareness around sexual health and civil rights for young women. Unfortunately, this was cancelled due to Covid-19, but he hopes to do something similar soon..

Caring for people with special needs

  Lauren Bowden, head of fintech content our causes: Lauren

Lauren volunteers in Hertfordshire council’s shared care scheme, giving support to families with children and young people who have learning or physical disabilities.

The volunteers are there to give the families and carers some extra time to recharge their batteries. Lauren finds volunteering very rewarding and fulfilling, knowing she’s making a genuine difference in the lives of a local family.

Providing free music tuition for young people

Sandra Vogel, head of tech contentour causes: Sandra

Sandra is a trustee of the Merton Music Foundation, a music education charity. The charity gives young people access to a wide range of different instruments and top quality tutors.

Having been lucky enough to have had music lessons at school, Sandra reaped the benefits as an adult. She now plays saxophone in various ensembles, so knows first-hand how enriching music can be.

Nurturing young talent

Sam Howard founderour causes: sam

Sam is now in her second year as a career mentor with Career Ready, a national charity that prepares disadvantaged young people for the world of work. A CIPR recognised initiative, the charity aims to provide mentor support for over 69,000 young people every year.

In 2020 the entire team pulled together to give Sam’s mentee a one month paid internship in comms. Given the year our young people had endured it seemed the least we could do.

Sam has been dedicated to helping young people launch their careers for over a decade. She volunteered with the Taylor Bennett Foundation for many years and also taught employability modules in PR and journalism at several UK and US universities.