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Anthony McNamaraAnthony McNamara

Anthony is a self-confessed compulsive writer. When not producing written content for our client portfolio, Anthony can be found penning short stories just for fun. He has been a tech enthusiast since 2015, bringing coherence and life to even the most complex topics.

As part of our content marketing team Anthony engages with our clients to discover exactly what they want from their content and delivers end-products that delight. He also creates short and snappy social media posts to support this content. His unwavering belief that his obsession with writing is a good thing has served him well thus far.

“Quality content is a massive differentiator between organisations. Words have power. Each time a customer engages with your content, you are in conversation with them, and that conversation has to be compelling. It has to deliver the desired effect.”

Anthony began his journey into the world of content writing following a varied career that spanned sales, education and even deep-sea diving. Unable to resist the allure of making a career out of his writing, he began offering his content services to B2B tech companies. He has since produced copy for some of the most ground-breaking enterprises and initiatives, including Virgin Media Business, AccessPay, Piran Partners, ddroidd, Dunlop and Open Banking. In addition Anthony has worked on high-level reports that have landed on the desks of C-suite executives at some of the UK’s largest banks and corporations.

Following a hopeful email exchange with founder Sam in late 2020, Anthony has been working with The Crowd ever since. He plies his trade surrounded by the rolling hills of East Lancashire. There is no more perfect setting for getting the creative juices flowing.

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