Long form content

“Our Intro to AI guide has been by far the most successful lead generation activity to date in the company.”
Head of Marketing, Mobius Labs

Content can serve a multitude of purposes – whether you want your words to influence the influencers with solid PR, alert prospects to a new service or product with snappy advertising, or attract new hires with your company culture through engaging social media posts. But when it comes to framing your unique perspective on an industry topic and showcasing the brains of your subject matter experts – long form content is crucial.

Whether it’s a whitepaper, report, survey, or eBook, long-form content can serve a multitude of purposes:

  • GDPR-compliant early-stage lead capture (if suitably gated) ready for further nurturing.
  • More room for keywords + more time spent on site = SEO boost.
  • The Swiss army knife of repurposing copy – one long-form piece can be the basis for other, smaller demand-generation pieces, such as infographics, blogs, contributed articles for the trade press and social media posts.
  • Properly structured and well-researched long-form content can build both trust and authority with your target market.
  • Promotion of the final piece can create a significant boost to social media shares and engagement.

This kind of content is an invaluable tool in the B2B marketers’ arsenal, but creating it is far from easy. The time needed to get a cohesive and engaging piece of long-form content is hard to come by when you have your day job to think of. That’s why it makes sense to get dedicated and experienced writers on the case to take care of it for you.

“I shouldn’t be telling you any of this as it would be nice to have The Comms Crowd as our own secret private content resource, but working with you is always a calm and reassuring experience. When deadlines shift, or requirements change, The Crowd gives us the confidence they will deliver best in class content every time.”
James Ainsworth, Head of Content, iManage

Samples of our work

Our chief long form content creators

Our team comprises Helen, Lauren, Sandra, and Anthony on words, with Stella on design. With more than 100 years’ combined experience in generation halo content, our team has you covered across the full financial services spectrum.