What can Analyst Relations do for your firm?

Overlooked by some, industry analyst and market influencer relations can be the secret sauce in supporting your ambitious growth strategy.

Your potential customers trust the opinions of these industry luminaries and listen to them when making their biggest buying decisions. If you want to be front of mind and on the list of those all-important RFPs, you need to engage with them and the wider circle of business influencers.

But, as with all comms, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Analyst subscriptions or ad-hoc meetings can be an expensive waste of time and resources if not properly managed. And analysts do not respond to the same approach as journalists; that’s a rookie mistake right there. It’s an entirely different conversation. Often it takes a very different kind of person to have it.

Our AR and IR team knows how and when to make that approach, so from a logistical and operational perspective, all the hard work is taken off your hands. We ensure your AR and IR programmes dovetail seamlessly into wider marketing and sales initiatives and formulate engagement calendars focused on interactions that relate to your specific industry. All this works towards helping you form credible relationships with those who could be your champions when you need them most.

Recent analyst reports and commentary featuring our clients include:

Analyst relations services

  • Global strategy/execution: developing AR strategy; message testing and presentation design.
  • Spokespeople training: equipping spokespeople with the skills to comfortably  engage with analysts.
  • Virtual and in-person analyst days: analyst identification; logistics management; executive preparation; messaging feedback; pre-event preparation, including briefing documents; 1:1 meeting scheduling; post-event management.
  • Vendor report submissions: managing entries for key reports, including internal liaison and management of customer references.
  • Subscription management: management of global seats and costs; identification of appropriate seat levels; management of inquiries with key analysts as per contract; subscription review every quarter.
  • Thought leadership engagement: identifying analysts to help with thought leadership; planning channels; liaising with analysts on messaging; stakeholder management for feedback and meetings.

Influencer marketing services

  • Influencer identification: who do you need to target? How to define, research, analyse and score.
  • Peer review site audit: which ones matter and and how to make a positive impact.
  • Trade association engagement: which ones to engage with and how to do it
  • Industry event analysis: which ones to attend and how to maximise them.
  • Sales and partnership programme integration: how to maximise the positive impact of influencers on your wider business strategies.
  • Spokesperson training: how to connect with and speak to influencers comfortably.
  • Designing bespoke retained engagement programmes and maintaining strong relationships with selected influencers.

Between us we have over 80 years’ AR & IR experience

Our team comprises Eria, Helen (both former analysts), Marc, and Chanda. Prior to joining The Crowd, we drove global analyst relations programmes and created influencer engagement programmes for some of the biggest names in the tech and fintech industry.

Some AR clients past and present

AccessPay, BJSS, Caplin, dxw, Finantix, Finscan, Nucoro, smartKYC and Xceptor.

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Download Eria’s white paper on how organisations can ensure AR delivers to the bottom line, ensuring analyst feedback is effectively used across sales, marketing and product management.