Championing the consultancies

No product? No problem

With so many firms offering consultancy services, it’s hard to stand out. Unlike companies who can flash their products’ USPs or latest features and functions, your people and processes are what set you apart.

But therein lies the problem: the smartest of the smart consultants who deliver the best interviews, have the most compelling ideas and are your perfect brand ambassadors are also the very same people who need to be stacking up their billable hours.

How we help

Our level of experience means we already talk your language and understand the regulatory issues and operational challenges facing the industry in general and your clients in particular. So when your experts can make time to brief us, we can keep it brief! We can turn even the quickest of consultant ‘brain dumps’ into several pieces of impactful content which can be sliced and diced in multiple formats across multiple channels.

A consultancy really is only as good as its people, so as well as delivering campaigns around regulatory and market issues, we also know how to best articulate and represent your company culture and values, enabling you to attract and retain top industry talent.

Want to talk to consultants on your level?

Keeping up with the consultancies

Consultancies we have supported include: Base60, BJSS, BTD, Cappfinity (formerly Capp), JDX, Inline Policy, Kotter and Quorsus (part of Capgemini).