Supporting the scale-ups

Time to level up

So you’ve survived the baptism of fire that is the start-up phase and you’re now in with the scale-ups. You have more market access, stronger revenues, decent cash flow and more employees. But you face a whole new set of problems. Everything feels a little lopsided – the development and implementation team is huge, yet your support functions are the same as they were in the early days.

Too many scale-ups suffer from being the industry’s best kept secret, with the wider market knowing little about their latest capabilities and services. You may have tried to outsource this area in the past, but found that the people who really ‘get’ your vision quickly and effectively enough to take it to the next level are few and far between. Or are they?

How we help

We provide professional, best-practice comms input that’s on a level with your technical output. This is the phase when content really is king. And maybe now you’re ready to embark on meaningful, ongoing relationships with industry influencers and start snatching those trophies from the usual incumbents.

Key stat: In an effort to scale up marketing, content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing and generates almost 300 percent more leads. (Source: Demand Metric)

Would your scale-up benefit from some grown-up marketing comms support?

Sporting our scale-up stripes

Scale-ups we have supported include: AccessPay, adam HTT, Cardwave, Caplin, devolo, EACS, Earthport, FinScan, iManage, MyComplianceOffice, mySociety, SecureDrives and Xceptor.