Plugging the gaps for global players

Keeping your prime position

As an industry leader you are riding high. There you are in the top right hand quadrant of the analyst reports with other global players; have rows of industry awards; a CEO who needs no introduction; and are a stalwart in almost every relevant RFP.

Surely your work here is done?

But it’s tough at the top, with much expected of you and your marketing strategies: to stay ahead of new competitors; keep on top of all the channels all of the time; bring new decision makers on side; roll out the red carpet for sales; and ensure internal comms is just as shiny as external comms.

How we help

When your team is thinly spread, we can be just the secret weapon you need. We are objective, experienced and highly-skilled professionals who can plug a skills gap or run autonomously with the most basic of briefs. With that extra bit of bandwidth you won’t get bogged down with the tactics and can stay strategic.

We each average around 21 years’ industry experience and much of that’s in house, so we can slot right in alongside your existing team and pull together to make light work of staying on top of the game.

A global player with too much on your plate?

Going large with the game changers

Global players we have supported include: Finantix (acquired by InvestCloud in 2021), Murex, Temenos and Wolters Kluwer.