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Regtech, where life can get complicated

Companies supplying technology solutions in the constantly moving world of regulation – regtech firms – not only have to stay on top of and ahead of the plethora of regulations in any number of different jurisdictions, they also need to keep up with technological innovations such as DLT and RPA.

Those rare people who sit at the intersection of both, invariably do not have the time to demonstrate, let alone articulate, their domain expertise – often being pulled in several directions at once. When they do have the opportunity to share their knowledge it needs to be articulately communicated to the most important influencers in the market, prospects and existing customers.

We understand the regtech ecosystem and love making stars of the new players. We also delight in helping established vendors who have always excelled in the full gamut of regulatory technology solutions stay on top of their A game.

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Our regtech clients past and present

Meet the startups, scale ups, global players and consultancies that we have helped along the way,

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Regtech Client Coverage Highlights

Bylines secured and drafted by the team

The Fintech Times: Compliance as a Service: Leap of faith or a step into the future

The Trade: How to avoid potential hidden consequences of SEC’s new transaction reporting rules 

Fintech Futures: Is regtech living up to expectations? (And if not, why not?)

Finextra Blog: Why showing your workings is essential for trusted AI and KYC 

Money Laundering Bulletin: Eyes always open 

The regtech team

Between us we have over 135 years’ experience providing PR, content, analyst relations and design around regtech challenges and opportunities.

  • Sam provides strategic guidance to regtech firms on how to add value to the current debates around regulatory compliance processes and how to ensure their voices are heard by those of most influence in their market.
  • Chanda provides PR and media outreach for our regtech clients including securing briefings and placing contributed content in the likes of The Fintech Times, Global Risk Regulator, Thomson Reuters Accelus, Fintech Futures and Markets Media.
  • Simona provides PR and social media management for our regtech clients securing briefings and contributed content in the likes of A-Team RegTech Insights, Money Laundering Bulletin The Trade, Global Investor, and Risk.net.
  • Lauren focuses on content marketing for our regtech clients. She has a solid regtech background both on the agency side and in-house where she held senior PR and product marketing roles at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. Here, she spearheaded market positioning and content around regtech including participation at the FCA’s Techsprint programme.
  • Eria provides AR services to our regtech clients leading to coverage in numerous industry analyst reports.
  • Stella has been responsible for the visual branding of one of our largest regtech clients, delivering everything from ads and banners to brochure ware and whitepaper design.