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As with most industries that have found themselves adopting a -tech suffix over the last five years or so, wealthtech is big business. Some sources state that the market is expected to grow to 16 trillion dollars by 2025. But with a lot industry buzz often follows a lot of industry fluff.

Our shared 154 years+ experience working in financial technology communications means that we have seen first-hand how and why this industry has evolved and fragmented into new sectors in their own right. We know the right messages that resonate with right influencers and the right time. And we know the key to pushing hot wealthtech solutions is less stating AI or ML credentials, and more about what problems you solve or opportunities you provide to your target market.

We relish the opportunity to work with both new wealthtech start-ups as much as we love working with established providers who need to update their messages and ride changing tides governed by changing customer expectations, regulatory governance, and booming digitalisation. Get in touch today to discuss not only how you stay in the conversation, but lead it.

Wealthtech clients past and present

Meet the startups and global players that we have helped along the way.

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The ones to impress

Wealthtech Coverage Book

Bylines secured and drafted by the team

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The wealthtech team

Between us we have 154 years’ experience providing PR, content, analyst relations and design around wealthtech challenges and opportunities.

  • Sam provides strategic guidance to firms on how to add value to the current debates on client engagement and client lifecycle, ESG, onboarding, robo advisory and hybrid solutions, wealth democratisation.
  • Chanda provides PR and media outreach for our clients including securing briefings and placing contributed content in the likes of Fintech Futures, The Wealthnet, PWM, Private Banker International.
  • Simona provides PR and social media management for our clients, securing briefings and contributed content in the likes of The Fintech Times,  Wealth Adviser, Citywire.
  • Lauren provides content marketing and digital strategy for our clients.
  • Anthony provides content copy and social media content for our clients.
  • Eria provides global AR programmes to our clients.

Wealthtech case studies

Finantix PR case study

Finantix social media case study

Finantix Analyst Relations virtual day