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Risk Technology – aka Risktech – is a catch-all term for the vast and ever-growing array of solutions created for today’s financial firms to manage both the risks and rewards within their ecosystems. Whether it’s market risk, credit risk, operational risk, capital management, or cyber risk, the tech on offer all serves a different purpose, so it is vital that you set your unique proposition apart to ensure your future customers can find you when they need you.

There are now multiple ways to ensure the right message hits the right people – the key is having a robust strategy in place with a smart mix of tools and tactics that can be executed at optimal times. But operating that kind of engine takes time to keep running at the pace needed to really make a mark. Time that is often a scarcity for the majority of fast-moving Risktech firms.

That’s where we come in. If you are starting out, we can work with you to create and realise your vision. If you are established, we can take the legwork out of your day-to-day marketing and communications operations when you are overstretched. And if you are somewhere else on that scale, our 154+ years’ collective experience means we have most certainly helped a firm or two that have faced similar challenges to you.

Get in touch today to find out how we can propel you into the limelight.

Risktech clients past and present

Meet the startups and global players that we have helped along the way.

The ones to impress

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The Risktech team

The team has years of experience providing PR, content, analyst relations and design around Risktech challenges and opportunities.

  • Sam provides strategic guidance to firms on how to add value to the current debates on financial risk, GRC and risk technology.
  • Chanda provides PR and media outreach for our clients including securing briefings and placing contributed content in the likes of Risk Magazine, Global Risk Regulator, Fintech Futures, Reuters.
  • Simona provides PR and social media management for our clients, securing briefings and contributed content in the likes of Tabb Forum, Markets Media, Waters Technology.
  • Helen provides editorial support and long form content including bylines and white papers to our clients.
  • Eria provides global AR programmes to our clients.