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The core team has over 100 years’ combined experience working in emerging technology comms, so nothing gets lost in translation – we get it.

As any HR pro will tell you, it’s one thing to attract talent but it’s something else entirely to keep it. But our emerging tech team only continues to grow. We established a virtual business model back in 2012 so we were able to attract an amazing level of talent.

Full flexibility combined with our genuinely kind culture means that not only do we attract the best independent tech comms consultants in the industry, but we get to keep them too – no leaving parties here!

This ensures unparalleled consistency on your account and a team that really gets to know you, how you work and – most importantly – what works.


  • Sam on strategy, 27 years in tech
  • Chanda on PR, 18 years in tech
  • Sandra on content, 22 years in tech
  • Anthony on content and social, 7 years in tech
  • Peter on AI content, 26 years in tech

Support act:

  • Eria on AR, 21 years in tech
  • Stella on content design, 30 years in tech
  • Marc on influencer marketing, 20 years in tech

emerging tech team