Our Clients

Strategic product marketing support for German WIFI enabler

We began work with devolo AG in 2017 on a strategic consultancy basis. The firm is known for its world class powerline technology, which delivers high speed Wi-Fi to every corner of the home and is now enabling the very latest smart home solutions.

The tech team’s first project was to facilitate a workshop for the varying stakeholder teams. Our purpose was to review product positioning and develop key messages in order to target new markets.

We were then tasked with creating a global launch plan for a new product line, and then to provide new market research to support the UK sales team. In addition we identified academic experts to work with devolo to explore a move into the virtual reality sector.

Randy Nyssen, vice president of marketing, devolo: “Sam and her team provide a knowledgeable, external perspective which has helped us better understand our strengths and develop a clear vision for moving forward. Unlike many PR companies, they take a holistic view of the market and are comfortable discussing product, market and technology strategy with the whole team from engineers to sales, making them very easy to work with and a valuable strategic sounding board.”

Most recently we delivered discovery training workshops for the global marketing team for them to run with sales to develop a cohesive sales and marketing strategy for the years ahead.