Our Clients

Providing PR, content and social media support to visionary tech start-up

The tech team began working with cloud visionary Cloudview back in 2015. Its software transforms the way organisations use, store and access their visual data. The technology is now being used in housing, social care and home security to develop ‘smart city’ applications.

We provided thought leadership PRsocial media management and created marketing content to raise awareness of the firm’s offering and position visual data as a key part of the Internet of Things.

We enjoyed a great working relationship with The MD, who was always quick to provide us with topical insight and contentious comment. Enthusiastically we worked our connections and very soon we had built his profile as an innovator and a go to commentator on IoT. Year on year we averaged around 60 – 80 pieces of coverage in key trade, industry and business press.

James Wickes, CEO and co-founder, Cloudview: “The Comms Crowd Team understand us and the need to evangelise the importance and relevance of visual data and the Visual IoT. They’re excellent at interpreting what I say and tailoring it to fit the needs of different journalists. I’m really impressed with the volume of coverage they’ve generated and it’s made a big impression on our clients, suppliers and investors.”

The team also worked together to research  and deliver a series of whitepapers. The series looked to establish Cloudview as an authority on cyber security, data protections and GDPR. We sliced and diced the papers to create numerous articles which we placed in the media. While the papers became gated content, core to several successful lead generation campaigns.